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GUIDELINES (Updated July 2021)

Guidelines for the Preparation of Theses and Dissertations (Download PDF)

IMPORTANT:  "Declaration of Originality" page included in digital copy (PDF) of the thesis should not include signatures.

F1  Declaration of Originality FS1  Economics S1  Abstract T1  APA italics rules
F2  Permission for language editing     FS2  History, Asian Studies  S2  Appendix T2  Finalizing for editing
FS3  Linguistics S3  Approval page   T3  In-text citations guide
TUTORIALS FS4 Turkish Lang. & Lit.    S4  Chapter & sub-headings     T4 Labeling tables & figures
Editorial Support Road Map S5  Cover page   T5  Sub-heading levels
Formatting the Approval Page VIDEOS (NEW) S6  CV T6  Submit to the Institute
V1 Approval Page (9.43)     S7  List of figures T7 Tables, figures, & appendices ordering 
CALENDAR/FLOWCHARTS V2 Line spacing (2.36) S8  List of tables T8 Capitalization: Title and sentence case
Calendarizer V3 Start a new page (2.14)     S9  References (a) T9 Line spacing: Main & chapter sub-headings
MA Flowchart V4 References (2.44) S10  References (b) T10 Creating your appendix 
MA Flowchart (Turkish) V5 Cover page (3.43) S11 Table of contents T11 Essentials of formatting 
PhD Flowchart V6 Title page (3.45) S12 Title page T12 Common pitfalls (New)
PhD Flowchart (Turkish)
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