MA and PhD Theses Completed

Theses in Humanities and Social Sciences - 2013

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Serhat Resul Çaçan    Arzu Öztürkmen     Dengbêjî tradition among Kurdish-Kurmanj communities: narrative and performance during late nineteenth and twentieth centuries   M.A.
 Duygu Coşkuntuna  Yavuz Selim Karakışla   ''CanIz TarihIer": a discourse analysis of the memoirs of Young Turks (1908-1923)  M.A.
 Ali Güldüren  Aslı Özyar  Middle bronze age settlement in Tarsus-Gözlükule: a re-evaluation of stratigraphy and analysis of use of space M.A.
 Ayşegül Damla Gürkan   Çiğdem Kafescioğlu  The Hagia Sophia mausoleums M.A.
 Abdulkerim Kartal  Nevra Necipoğlu  The letters of George-Gennadios scholarios to members of the ruling elite in fifteenth-century Peloponnese: introduction, translation, and commentary  M.A.
 Başak Kilerci  Ahmet Ersoy  Ottoman-Qajar relations through photography: Mozaffar al-Din Shah’s İstanbul visit M.A.
 Orçun Can Okan  Selim Deringil  The intermediate generation: Ex-Ottoman Arab leaders of interwar Syria and Iraq M.A.
 Meriç T. Öztürk  Nevra Necipoğlu  The provincial aristocracy in Byzantine Asia minor (1081-1261 ) M.A.
 Ayşe Esra Şirin  Nevra Necipoğlu  Between dominicans and palamites: Pro-Latin intellectuals in fourteenth-century Byzantium M.A.
 Tommaso Stefini  Derin Terzioğlu, Suraiya Faroqhi   Seeking redress at the Signoria: Ottoman merchants in dispute with the Republic of Venice in the early modern era M.A.
 Nimet Elif Uluğ  Yavuz Selim Karakışla  Elemterefiş: superstitious beliefs and occult in the Ottoman Empire ( 1839 - 1923 ) Ph.D
 Ece Zerman  Edhem Eldem  Studying an Ottoman 'Bourgeois' family: Said Bey's family archive (1900-1930) M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ömer Faruk Demirok   Balkız Öztürk Başaran   AGREE as a unidirectional operation: evidence from Laz
 Aslı Özkul  Aslı Göksel  A phonological and morphological analysis of instrumental noun-verb pairs in Turkish sign language (TİD)  M.A.
 Bilge Palaz  A. Sumru Özsoy  On the nature of anaphoric expressions kendi/ kendisi and the clause structure of Turkish M.A.
 Yağmur Sağ  Aslı Göksel  The verbal functional domain in the Denizli dialect of Turkish M.A.
 Treysi Terziyan  Eser Erguvanlı Taylan, Ayhan Aku-Koç   Acquisition of modality in Turkish  M.A.
 Tacettin Turgay  A. Sumru Özsoy  Resultative constructions in Turkish  M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Gizem Atalay   Johannes Fritsche    The functional ground of the organization of the living body in Aristotle 
 Eser Bakdur  Berna Kılınç  The problem of induction from a metaphysical point of view M.A.
 Umut Eldem  Stephen Voss  Descartes’ understanding of free will  M.A.
 Nazım Gökel   Stephen Voss  Mind and representation Ph.D
 Tamer Karalar   Stephen Voss  Nietzschean attack on the liberal understanding of law: will to power against justice  M.A.
 Evrim Kaya  Johannes Fritsche  Withering away of cartesian dichotomies: the theses on feuerbach and praxis as an epistemological kat M.A.
 Maya Mandalinci   Johannes Fritsche  The notion of anxiety: Heidegger and Freud M.A.
 Cenk Özdağ  Lucas Thorpe  Kantian empirical cognition and singular concepts M.A.
 Mustafa Polat  Karanfil Soyhun  The critical assessment of the direct referentialist solutions to the semantic problems of empty names M.A.
 Duygu Uygun  Johannes Fritsche  A relational approach to individuation: a dialogue between Aristotelian hylemorphism and Simondonian theory of individuation  M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Fahretdin Hasan Adagideli   Engin Ader    Investigation of young children’s metacognitive and self-regulatory abilities in mathematics activities 
 Özge Gündoğdu  Feyza Çorapçı   An assessment of the efficacy of a test anxiety coping program for middle school students M.A.
 Nuray Mustafaoğlu  Feyza Çorapçı  Maternal regulation of toddlers’ emotions in delay of gratification task M.A.
 Şule Selçuk  İ. Ercan Alp  Differential relationships of simple delay and conflict inhibition with working memory and exuberance in toddlerhood  M.A.
 Yelda Semizer  Ayşecan Boduroğlu   Representation of similar objects as a group: effects of variance on ensemble representations M.A.
 Zeynep Tunalıoğlu  Falih Köksal  Problematic internet use: a study in Turkey M.A.
 Ayşem Yorulmaz  İ. Ercan Alp  Measuring conflict inhibition in toddlers with the animal-vehicle task M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ulaş Fırat Atalay   Nazan Üstündağ   Ülkücü community in Zeytinburnu: violence around words and encounters
 Oktay Ay  Nükhet Sirman  Ghost bodies in uncanny spaces: the tensions in Kurdish children’s encounters with education in Mersin  M.A.
 Alev Güneş  Nükhet Sirman  Belonging by becoming silent: a school ethnography in Gazi neighborhood M.A.
 Erol Sağlam  Meltem Ahıska  Living with the specters of the past: an insight into identity, subjectivity, and memory in Trabzon M.A.
 İrem Taşçıoğlu   Ceren Özselçuk  Neo-nationalist representation of Turkish '68 and its loss: the case of TurkSolu M.A.
 Zeynep Gökay Üstün   Biray Kolluoglu  Desire of the impossible; a cultural reading of fantastic cinema M.A.

Translation and Interpreting Studies 

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Sema Üstün   Özlem Berk Albachten   A historical and conceptual analysis of the terms used in the titles of Turkish Qur’an translations since 1923 (with a supplementary bibliography of the translations)  M.A.

Turkish Language and Literature

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ülkü Akçay   Nezihe Seyhan    Tahmîsât and tesdîsât of Mehmed II’s poems by Ali Emîrî Efendi 
 Zuhal Eroğlu   Halim Kara  Novels ‘Alternate to History’: the representation of the second world war in Turkish period novels  M.A.
 Ayşegül Pomakoğlu   Batma Büyükkarcı Yılmaz   Dîvân by Bahârî: structural and contential analysis M.A.

Western Languages and Literatures

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Eylül Fıdan Akıncı (Critical and Cultural Studies)    Didar Akar    Towards another ontology of performance 
 Aysu Arıcan (Critical and Cultural Studies)  Didar Akar  The mad’ spotted? politics of mad identity through discursive themes on Mahallenin  Delisi (The Mad of the Neighborhood)  M.A.
 Damla Ekin Tokel (Critical and Cultural Studies)   Aslı Tekinay   Performing different: ‘Cruel’ intentions in contemporary performing arts works from İstanbul M.A.
 Tolga Yalur (Critical and Cultural Studies)  Işıl Baş  Male sameness and female difference: a deconstructive analysis of Atıf Yılmaz’s adı Vasfiye / Her Name is Vasfiye (1985) M.A.
 Neslihan Şentürk (English Literature)  Kim Fortuny  Political authority and spectral stories from the margin in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Oğuz Atay's The Disconnected and Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead  M.A.
 Bircan Sıkık (English Literature)  Cevza Sevgen   The erotics of love and death in victorian poetry M.A.

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Dila Asfuroğlu    Ceyhun Elgin   Growth effects of inflation under the presence of informality 
 Deniz Bayram  Ceyhun Elgin  Informal sector through structural transformation M.A.
 Serdar Birinci  Ceyhun Elgin  Shadow economy over the business cycle: how do formal and informal cycles interact?  M.A.
 Ali Kemal Çetinkaya   Murat Yılmaz  A game theoretic approach to constitution making M.A.
 Fatih Erkekoğlu  Burak Saltoğlu   Information content of risk reversal in estimating the value at risk of crude oil futures M.A.
 Emrah Güngör  Ünal Zenginobuz   An evaluation of basic income schemes under labor supply response: the case of Turkey  M.A.
 Deniz Nemli  Deniz Selman  Simultaneous auctions with private and common values M.A.
 İnci Ömercikoğlu  Tolga Umut Kuzubaş, Burak Saltoğlu   Analyzing systemic risk in financial networks using network tools: for the case of financial break down of Turkish money market in 2000  M.A.
 Kaner Atakan Türker  Şemsa Özar  An assessment of new regionalism: the case of Turkey M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Melih Astarlıoğlu   Özlem Öz   Evaluating the dynamics of export performance: moderating effects of proximate environment on firm strategies and export performance
 Oğuzhan Aygören   Muzaffer Bodur, Cengiz Yılmaz   Choice behavior of individuals in political marketing context: understanding and modeling voting behavior Ph.D
 Fitnat Seçil Bayraktar Kazozcu   Hayat Kabasakal  Investigating the factors behind positive reactions to change: the role of affect and cognition Ph.D

Political Science and International Relations

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Altay Atlı   Mine Eder   Business associations and foreign policy: revisiting state-business relations in Turkey 
 Selina Denise Bieber   M. Selcan Kaynak   Media and democracy in Turkey: the 2011 Turkish national election coverage M.A.
 Fatmanil Döner  Koray Çalışkan  Disappearing onion producers in Karacabey: a micro analysis of farmers and land after structural reform  Ph.D
 Naz Geliş  Hakan Yılmaz  Formation of a majoritarian democracy discourse in Turkey: an examination of the Democratic  Party, 1946-1960  M.A.
 Gülay Kılıçaslan  Mine Eder  Political mobilization of first and second generation Kurdish forced migrants: the case of Kanarya Mahallesi M.A.
 Guy Alexander Mountfort Parker   Zeynep Kadirbeyoğlu   Producing confrontational alterity: urban regeneration in Tarlabaşı, Istanbul M.A.
 Pedriye Mutlu  Zeynep Gambetti  A reading of law and power through Marx, Schmitt and Foucault M.A.
 Eren Özalay - Şanlı  Hakan Yılmaz  Europe in Turkish history textbooks: the change in the idea of the west in Turkish education and  identity 1929-2008  Ph.D
 Muhammet Habib Saçmalı  Yeşim Arat  Compliance and negotiation: the role of Turkish Diyanet in the production of Friday Khutbas M.A.
 Deniz Tuncel  Mine Eder Rethinking the Kurdish movement: the role of the neighborhood assemblies in Diyarbala.r M.A.

The Faculty of Education

Educational Sciences

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Selin Belen   Z. Hande Sart  Relationship between perceived quality of life and coping skills in individuals regarding fertility problems  M.A.
 Çisem Gürel   Fatoş Erkman   The mediating role of psychological adjustment on the relations among perceived parental acceptance – rejection, perceived parental control and cross – situational coping styles during early adolescence 
 H. Sinem İskeçeli  Diler Öner, Zeynep Kızıltepe  Use of WebQuest design as a model for teacher professional development M.A.
 Zeynep Özdoğan  Fatma Gök  A comparative study of public expenditures on education, defense and religious affairs in Turkey  in the post-1980 period (1981-2012) M.A
 Mustafa Öztürk Fatoş Erkman  The interrelationship between in-laws acceptance rejection, intimate partner acceptance rejection, marital conflict, and overall marital satisfaction evaluation M.A
 Nurhan Erdoğan Şahin Fatma Gök  Women teachers’ perceptions of their identities inside and outside the school M.A.
 Birgül Sarıoğlu Fatma Gök  A globally competent teacher as a citizen: a study of primary school teachers’ competences related to global citizenship M.A.
 Gamze Sart  Fatma Gök, Fuat Ercan  The transformation of higher education by means of Techno-Parks: case of Turkey Ph.D
 Selcan Çınar Yıldırım Fatma Gök  An analysis of lifelong learning policies and practices of Regional Development Agencies M.A.

Foreign Language Education

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Duygu Çandarlı  Yasemin Bayyurt, Leyla Martı   Writer visibility and reader engagement in university students’ argumentative essays
 Fundagül İnce  Ayşe Gürel  English article use in Turkish-English bilingual children and adults M.A.
 Nur Başak Karataş   Gülcan Erçetin, Yasemin Bayyurt   The effects of captioning on text recall and cognitive load in audio- vs. Video-Based L2 listening: offline and online evidence from a Mobile-Assisted language learning study  M.A.
 Emine Merdin  Yasemin Bayyurt  Refusing invitations via email: strategy use in Turkish and American-English refusals M.A.
 Hatice Özata  Belma Haznedar  Reading acquisition in early bilingualism: reading skills of Turkish- Child L2 Learners of English M.A.
 Saadet Tıkaç  Yasemin Bayyurt  Hedging in academic writing: the use of “can” in university students’ argumentative essays at an English Medium University in Turkey M.A.

Primary Education

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Merve Aşık    Nalan Babür   Examining early predictors of number sense among first graders 

The School of Applied Disciplines

International Trade 

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Atanas Andreev   Aslı Deniz Helvacıoğlu   Individual economic security, national security, and the mediating role of trust in government: a survey among the young Bulgarian generations’ attitudes
 Merve Erkman  Arzu Tektaş  External environment effects on product innovation performance: the food and beverage industry in Istanbul M.A.
 Şebnem Karakaş   Sema Sakarya  Psychic distance and the internationalization process of large Turkish corporations M.A.
 Derya Korman  Gözde Erhan Ünal  Analysis of extreme dependence between Istanbul Stock Exchange and Brent Oil Returns using bivariate extreme value theory M.A.

Management Information Systems

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Oğuz Ak   Birgül Kutlu Bayraktar   The effect of game environments and students’ computer literacy perceptions on their learning of multimedia design principles and learning environment selection 
 Ezgi Arı  Sona Mardikyan  Analyzing factors affecting the adoption of cloud computing: a structural equation modeling approach M.A.
 Alp Eren Aydın   Birgül Kutlu Bayraktar   Turkish electricity market simulation game M.A.
 Aysun Bozanta   Birgül Kutlu Bayraktar  Effects of serious games on team building in a multi-user virtual environment M.A.
 Mehmet Nuri Can  Aslıhan Nasır  Factors affecting the usage of social CRM applications M.A.
 Mustafa Coşkun  Meltem Özturan  A web based multi-criteria decision support system for department selection process of vocational high school students M.A.
 Hacer Özge Demir   Meltem Özturan  Awareness and usage factors of E-municipality services: the case of Istanbul M.A.
 Adnan Karaismailoğlu   Aslı Sencer  A decision support system for air cargo warehouse design M.A.
 Nurdan Ökten  Meltem Özturan  Attitudes and behaviour of young mobile phone users case of Turkey M.A.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Cognitive Science

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Macit Emre Laçin   Kuyaş Buğra, Reşit Canbeyli   Investigation of the effects of antidepressant photic stimulation on hippocampal neurogenesis and BDNF expression in male wistar rats 
 Serdar Metin  Yağmur Denizhan, Reşit Canbeyli   Differential effects of melodic complexity in hemispheric processing by the two cerebral hemispheres M.A.
Berna Arslan Uzunoğlu   Ayşecan Boduroğlu  Event segmentation on autobiographical narratives M.A.
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