MA and PhD Theses Completed

Theses in Humanities and Social Sciences - 2012

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ayşe Zeren Enis    Yavuz Selim Karakışla    Everyday lives of Ottoman women: Hanımlara Mahsûs Gazete (Newspaper for Ladies) (1895-1908)  M.A.
 Yusuf Ziya Karabıçak   Vangelis Kechriotis  The development of Ottoman governments’ policies towards Greek associations, 1861-1912 M.A.
 Yener Koç  Ahmet Ersoy  Bedirxan Pashazades: power relations and nationalism (1876-1914) M.A.
 Zeynep Küçükceran  Yücel Terzibaşoğlu  Agrarian economy and primary education in the Salonican countryside in the Hamidian Period (1876-1908) M.A.
 Erdal Küçükyalçın   Selçuk Esenbel  Exploring church-state relations in modern Japan: count Ōtani Kōzui’s quest for the pure land in an age of turbulence  Ph.D
 Tanya Elal Lawrence  Selim Deringil  Akhtar: a discussion on the Persian language newspaper published in the Ottoman capital (1876-1896) M.A.
 Fatma Öncel  Yücel Terzibaşoğlu  Proto-industrialization in the mid-nineteenth-century Balkan countryside: textile manufacturing in villages of Plovdiv M.A.
 Ahmet Abdullah Saçmalı   Edhem Eldem  From Mudros to Lausanne: how Ahmed Emin’s perception of the 'other' changed? M.A.
 Gizem Tongo  Ahmet Ersoy  Painting, artistic patronage and criticism in the public sphere: a study of the Ottoman society of painters, 1909-1918 M.A.
 Fatma Tunç Yaşar  Ahmet Ersoy, A. Selçuk Esenbel   The predicaments of alla franca: visions of proper behavior in late Ottoman etiquette literature Ph.D


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ümit Atlamaz   Balkız Öztürk   Ergative as accusative case: evidence from Adıyaman Kurmanji 
 İsa Kerem Bayırlı   Meltem Kelepir Wood, Markus Pöchtrager   On suffixhood and verbalness: a Mirror Theoretic approach M.A.
 Süleyman Sabri Taşçı   Aslı Göksel  Phonological and morphological aspects of lexicalized fingerspelling in Turkish Sign Language (TİD)  M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Özgür Aktok   Murat Baç, Claudia Bickmann   Ontoparadigms: a de-struction of social constructionism in the context of Heidegger's conception of truth 
 Merve Rümeysa Tapınç   Stephen Voss, Gordon C. F. Bearn   Perceptual and intuitional experience in Merleau-Ponty and Bergson M.A.
 Alper Yavuz  İlhan İnan  On the rigidity of general terms M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Esra Erdem   Ali İ. Tekcan   Metacognitive calibration in college students: the relationship between calibration, test performance, and empathic skills 
 Aysu Mutlutürk   Ayşecan Boduroğlu   Effects of spatial configurations on the resolution of spatial representations in working memory M.A.
 Irmak Olcaysoy Ökten   S. Adil Sarıbay  The effects of political ideology on interpersonal interaction: does exposure to opposing ideology lead to resource depletion?  M.A.
 Didem Pehlivanoğlu  Ayşecan Boduroğlu   The role of self-referencing on feeling of knowing judgments M.A.
 Burcu Ünlütabak  İ. Ercan Alp  Developmental relations between Turkish preschool children's theory of mind skills and their ability to track character references in narrative discourse  M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Seda Aydın   Ayfer Bartu Candan   Gated communities and the “Middle Class” in Istanbul 
 Cemre Baytok   Biray Kolluoğlu  Political vigilance in court rooms: feminist interventions in the field of law  M.A.
 Gamze Canlı  Biray Kolluoğlu  The student centered education and knowledge economy M.A.
 Can Evren  Ayfer Bartu Candan   Assessing the disabled, making ‘the State’  M.A.

Translation and Interpreting Studies 

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Pelin Doğan   Jonathan Maurice Ross   The production and reception of titles for Hollywood film imports in Turkey 

Turkish Language and Literature

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Fatma Akman   Zeynep Sabuncu   Hikaye-i Zen Dost or Hikaye-i Mekr-i Zenan-i Acüz (Critical edition, textual analysis, glossary) 
 Bahadır Sürelli   Zehra Toska  Heft Peyker Mesnevis in Turkish literature and Hayâtî’s Heft Peyker Ph.D

Western Languages and Literatures

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Pelin Batu (English Literature)   Cevza Sevgen   The creation of the monstrous other through metamorphosis  Ph.D

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Tülin Araz   Levent Yıldıran   Financial literacy and credit card arrears 
 İbrahim Demir   Murat Koyuncu   Revenue neutral tax reforms in a DSGE model with home production and infinitely lived agents  M.A.
 Buse Ergün  Burçay Erus   An assessment of coping mechanisms with poverty in Turkey after the 2008 global crisis: A study based on Turkey Welfare Monitoring Survey  M.A.
 Bernes Karaçay   Murat Yılmaz  A dynamic investment model under time-inconsistency M.A.
 Erdal Karahan  Murat Koyuncu, Ozan Hatipoğlu   The effects of capacity problem in an era of decreasing non-renewable resources M.A.
 Meltem Odabaş   Fikret Adaman  A theoretical and empirical analysis of shopping mall formation in Istanbul, Turkey M.A.
 Ezgi Özer  Levent Yıldıran  Consumer preferences in the Turkish credit card market  M.A.
 Oğuz Öztunalı  Ceyhun Elgin  Shadow economy and environmental pollution M.A.
 Emekcan Yücel   Ceyhun Elgin  Essays on determinants and impacts of preference for leisure M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Elif Akben Selçuk   Mine Uğurlu   Corporate diversification and firm value: evidence from emerging markets 
 Ayşe Dilara Altıok Yılmaz   Mine Uğurlu  Financial and strategic overview of the banking system Ph.D
 Onuralp Armağan  Nur İrem Nuhoğlu   Factors affecting audit quality in an emerging market-Turkey: a focus on auditor characteristics in Istanbul Stock Exchange  Ph.D
 Aslı Elif Aydın  Muzaffer Bodur, Cengiz Yılmaz   The influence of thinking style and mental construal on consistency of consumer preferences Ph.D
 Nihat Gümüş  Attila Odabaşı  Regulatory implications of 2007 financial crisis and the effect of financial regulation structures on the soundness of banking sector: a cross-country perspective  Ph.D
 Mehmet Oğuz Karahan  Nesrin Okay Akman  Analysis of trading activity and liquidity in Istanbul Stock Exchange Ph.D
 Pınar Yıldırım  Muzaffer Bodur, Cengiz Yılmaz   Categorization flexibility and scheme incongruity effect on new product evaluations Ph.D

Political Science and International Relations

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Sumru Atuk   Zeynep Gambetti   Cooperation or abjection? a Re-conceptualization of civil society beyond liberal values and dichotomies: the ‘Islam vs. homosexuality’ debate in Turkey 
 Şebnem Baran   M. Selcan Kaynak   Online streaming: a survey of online sharing and piracy M.A.
 Ebru Tekin Bilbil   Koray Çalışkan   The politics of uncertainty in a global market: the hazelnut exchange and its production Ph.D
 Nevin Deniz Ekşioğlu   Murat Akan  The politics of religion in the United States Federal context: the faith-based initiative  Ph.D
 Aslı Fatma Kelkitli  Gün Kut  Post-cold war Turkish-Russian relations: the limits of competition and cooperation in Eurasia Ph.D
 Deniz Şahin  Ayşen Candaş  Contesting the terrain of the' Ambiguous': the struggle of gender migration and the issue of sex reassignment in Turkey M.A.
 Bilgesu Sümer  Zeynep Kadirbeyoğlu   Kurdish urban politics in the neoliberal era: cases of Diyarbakir and Van mobilized under BDP M.A.
 Gökçen Yılmaz  Kemal Kirişci  The impact of foreign nationals on state policy: refugees and asylum seekers, European Court of Human Rights case law and Turkish asylum law  M.A.

The Faculty of Education

Educational Sciences

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Hakan Ergin   Fatma Gök   An analysis of correctional education programs in Turkish prisons: perceptions of correctional educators and inmates  M.A.
 Pınar Keskiner  Fatoş Erkman   The relationship between perceived parental acceptance and children’s psychological adjustment in the context of parental power and prestige in a Turkish youth sample  M.A.
 Alev Nurkan  Bengü Börkan  Involvement of illiterate mothers in their children‟s education M.A.
 Aslıhan Zengin   Fatma Gök   Reasons of internally displaced Kurdish women for not participating in educational programs in PECs: a narrative analysis

Foreign Language Education

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Oya Özdemir   Gülcan Erçetin   Reading span tests as predictors of L2 reading comprehension: investigating differences in task design and assessment through behavioral and eye movement data 
 Hande Serdar  Sumru Akcan   Exploring the interplay between a non-native English language teacher’s pedagogical beliefs, classroom practices and her students’ learning experiences regarding L2 grammar  Ph.D

Primary Education

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Sakhavat Mammadov   Fatma Gök   The education of gifted K-8 students in Turkey: policy analysis and program evaluation 

The School of Applied Disciplines

International Trade 

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Meltem Bilgehan   Nisan Selekler Gökşen, Özlem Yıldırım Ökten   A comparative analysis of corporate social responsibility practices of Turkish companies and companies with foreign ownership 
 Sinan Durmuşalioğlu   Emine Nur Günay  Sovereign debt distress in the developed and emerging countries M.A.
 Özge Memişoğlu  Emine Nur Günay  Knowledge-based economy and economic growth: empirical analysis of BRICST countries M.A.

Management Information Systems

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Mahmut Çavur   Meltem Özturan   Diffusion of GIS at municipalities in İstanbul  M.A.
 Cansu Karaduman   Hande Kımıloğlu   Consumer attitudes toward and utilization of decision-making aids in the online environment  M.A.
 Orhun Mustafa Kök   Nuri Başoğlu, Aslı Sencer   Adoption factors of electronic health record systems M.A.
 Osman Yücel  Meltem Özturan  Development of a data mining software of higher educational data M.A.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Cognitive Science

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Zeynep Barlas   Stephen Voss, Hasan Bahçekapılı   The interplay between bottom-up and top-down processes underlying pre-reflective and reflective sense of agency: an integrative approach  M.A.
 Dorina Strori  Mine Nakipoğlu Demiralp, Esra Mungan   Acquisition of past tense in Albanian: implications for morphological processing and representation M.A.
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