MA and PhD Theses Completed

Theses in Humanities and Social Sciences - 2010

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ayşe Seren Akyoldaş    Yavuz Selim Karakışla    Instrumentalization of music in the late Ottoman Empire: The case of the Teutonia  M.A.
 Anna Maria Aslanoğlu   Evangelos Kechriotis  "Staying away from politics, not foreseeing militarism": The case of corps of Greek scouts in Armistice Istanbul, 1918-1923  M.A.
 Ayşe Yasemin Baran  Edhem Eldem  The medicinal use and commodification of leeches in the late Ottoman Empire M.A.
 Buket Kitapçı Bayrı  Michel Kaplan, Nevra Necipoğlu   Martyrs and dervishes as witnesses : The transformation of Byzantine identity in the lands of Rum Ph.D
 Stefo Benlisoy  Selim Deringil  Education in the Turcophone Orthodox Communities of Anatolia during the nineteenth century Ph.D
 Fatma Özyiğit Coşkuner   Selim Deringil  Ottoman official discourse and its reflections during the Crimean War M.A.
 Ali Eroğul  Yavuz Selim Karakışla  Spor Alemi (1919-1929): A Turkish sports magazine in the transition period from The Ottoman Empire to The Turkish Republic  M.A.
 Zuhal İbidan  Yücel Terzibaşoğlu  The urban development of Istanbul in the nineteenth century: The role of expropriations M.A.
 Ahmet Kaylı  Derin Terzioğlu  A critical study of Birgivi Mehmed Efendi’s (d.981/1573) works and their dissemination in manuscript form M.A.
 Uluğ Kuzuoğlu  Selçuk Esenbel  Xinjiang between the globes: The Ottomans in the making of modern Xinjiang M.A.
 Saadet Özen  Arzu Öztürkmen  Rethinking the young revolution : Manaki brothers still and moving images M.A.
 Fatmanur Samastı  Meltem Toksöz, Suraiya Faroqhi   History of identification in the Ottoman lands: From the security of the person to the security of the state: Implementation of Mürur Tezkeresi in the nineteenth century  M.A.
 Cafer Sarıkaya  Arzu Öztürkmen  Celebrating difference: "Turkish Theatre" in the Chicago World’s Columbian exposition of 1893 M.A.
 Onur Şar  Yavuz Selim Karakışla  Alliance Israelite Universelle Schools within the existing school networks in the Ottoman Empire M.A.
 Melis Süloş  Arzu Öztürkmen  Between theatrical politics and political theater: Late Ottoman theatrical spheres  M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Semra Baturay   Markus A. Pöchtrager   Apophony in Turkish onomatopoeic reduplications
 Eda Esra Bülbül   Mine Nakipoğlu Demiralp, Meltem Kelepir Wood   A computational approach to collectivity and distributivity in Turkish quantificational sentences  Ph.D
 Güliz Güneş  Aslı Göksel  Pragmatic and prosodic analysis of sentence topic in Turkish M.A.
 Aslı Gürer  A. Sumru Özsoy  Subject positions, case checking and EPP in complex noun phrase constructions in Turkish M.A.
 Alya Humphrey  Didar Akar  Establishing legitimacy: persuasion and organisational identity M.A.
 Didem İkizoğlu  Didar Akar  Direct reported speech: positioning and relational identity work  M.A.
 Yasemin Kesen  Meltem Kelepir-Wood  Intervention effects in simple Wh-questions in Turkish M.A.
 Hasan Mesud Meral   A. Sumru Özsoy  Resumption, A’- chains and implications on clausal architecture Ph.D
 Derya Nuhbalaoğlu  Markus A. Pöchtrager  On the role of empty onsets in Turkish: a government phonology approach M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Seçil Aracı    Karanfil Soyhun   An ethical criticism of industrial animal farms 
 Onur Bakır  Chryssi Sidiropoulou   Embodiment of rules in action : primacy of action in late Wittgenstein and Marx  M.A.
 Kerem Eksen   Chryssi Sidiropoulou, Catherine Chalier   Tragic error and the Augustinian Morals Ph.D
 Fatma Deniz Kandemir   Stephen Voss  Phenomenology of spirit as the teleological unfolding of consciosness M.A.
 Senem Karagözoğlu  Berna Kılınç  Historical perspective in the sciences M.A.
 Laura Elizabeth Kingston   Murat Baç  The seeming middle ground : concessions of a realist M.A.
 İbrahim Korkmaz  Berna Kılınç  Marx’s economic law of motion M.A.
 Emek Ön   Berna Kılınç  Hilbert's finitism and its limits M.A.
 Banu Berna Sürmen  Karanfil Soyhun  Egg donation: where should market stand? M.A.
 Clinton Marshall Willey  Stephen Voss  The place of Albert Schweitzer in contemporary philosophy and why we should concern ourselves with his ethical thought nonetheless   M.A.
 Şirin Yılmaz  Stephen Voss  Plato's Socrates : dialectical method as techne M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Mustafa Taha Bilge    Esra Mungan    Effect of tune repetition on judgments of preference in nontonal music 
 Sinem Özen Canbolat   Ali İ. Tekcan  Childhood amnesia and attachment styles M.A.
 Nur Evirgen  Falih Köksal  The prevalence of emotional eating and its relation to affect regulation in a Turkish sample of obese, overweight and normal weighted women  M.A.
 Can Gezgör  Falih Köksal  Exam preparation anxiety in Turkey : a longitudinal study on "2010 Level Determination Exam"  M.A.
 Ezgi Kayhan  Nur Yeniçeri  A validation study for the Childhood Executive Functioning Inventory : Behavioral correlates of executive functioning M.A.
 Handan Odaman  Ayşecan Boduroğlu   Effects of self-construal priming on autobiographical memory and attentional processes M.A.
 Zeynep Emine Okur  Feyza Çorapçı  Expression and display rules of basic and self-conscious emotions among Turkish children : role age, gendder, socio economic status and context  M.A.
 Nilay Şentürk  Nur Yeniçeri  The validity of the Junior Brixton Spatial Rule Attainment Test in 6- to 8- year-old Turkish children M.A.
 Hande Sungur  Ayşecan Boduroğlu  Examination of the effects of action video game experience on visual representation of objects  M.A.
 Anıl Özge Üstünel  Güler Okman Fişek  The construction of masculine self among youth in Turkey M.A.
 Berivan Ece Usta  Ali İ. Tekcan  The interplay between cultural life scripts and life stories across three different age groups M.A.
 Akif Ercihan Yerlioğlu   Feyza Çorapçı  The relation of attachment security with maternal responsiveness and child’s socioemotional competence : using the attachment Q-Set with a Turkish preschool sample  M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 İlkay Baliç Ayvaz   Biray Kolluoğlu   The empire's exhibition aand the city's biennial : contemporary implications of world as picture 
 Gülgün Küçükören   Meltem Ahıska  Reconstituting the youth as a political category and neo-liberal reason: The case of Community Volunteers Foundation  M.A.
 Ceren Kuşcuoğlu  Ayfer Bartu Candan   Relocation and disempowerment: a critical approach to gecekondu resettlement projects in Turkey through the example of Bezirganbahçe housing project  M.A.
 Belkıs Nurten Özkoray   Faruk Birtek  Individualism and democracy in Turkey M.A.
 Sait Öztürk  Nükhet Sirman  Minding the gap between militancy and radicalism the case of Topkapı porters M.A.
 Zeynep Polat Satoğlu  Nükhet Sirman  "Don't let the children wilt away in the streets" reconsidering poverty and philanthropy through the eyes of muslim women in contemporary Turkey : the case of the Ç.S.S., children's welfare project  M.A.
 Habibe Şentürk  Abbas Vali   The 1989 migration from Bulgaria to Turkey: nationalism and identity among the migrants M.A.

Translation and Interpreting Studies 

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Arzu Akbatur   Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar   Writing/translating in/to English: The 'ambivalent' case of Elif Şafak 
 Yao-Kai Chi  Oğuz Baykara  The Chinese translation of Benim Adım Kırmızı by Orhan Pamuk through English : a comparative stylistic analysis of the two translations and the Turkish source text  M.A.
 Burç İdem Dinçel  Jonathan Ross  A critical study of the Turkish translations of Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape and its interpretations within the Turkish theatrical system M.A.
 Şule Demirkol Ertürk   Saliha Paker  The city and its translators : Istanbul metonymized and refracted in the literary narratives of Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar and Orhan Pamuk in Turkish, English and French  Ph.D
 Fatma İdil  Jonathan Maurice Ross  Translation of heteroglossia : the case of Turkish translations of heteroglot novels by black British women writers M.A.
 Alaz Pesen  Jonathan Ross  Aranjman : rewriting foreign pop songs for the Turkish cultural repertoire M.A.
 İrem Üstünsöz  Şehnaz Tahir-Gürçağlar  The legal status and the self-images of translators in Turkey : translators at the crossroads : experts or messengers? M.A.

Turkish Language and Literature

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Berat Açıl   Zeynep Sabuncu  Muhyi's Hüsn ü Dil : an allegorical work 
 Pelin Aslan  Nüket Esen  Fantastic novel : a genre of dubious existence in the shadow of Ottoman/Turkish modernization (1875-1960)  Ph.D
 Esra Dicle Başbuğ   Nur Gürani Arslan   The role of the theatre in the construction of state ideology Ph.D
 Bihter Dereli  Zeynep Uysal  Epistolary novel and women writers: Fatma Aliye, Halide Edip Adıvar and Şükûfe Nihal Başar M.A.
 Tuğba Doğan  Nüket Esen  Narratives of loss : Mai ve Siyah, Huzur and Tutunamayanlar  M.A.
 Aişe Handan Konar  Günay Kut  Hasan Şu'uri Efendi's translation of Pend-Name-i Attar : text and textual analysis M.A.
 Zeynep Oktay  Zeynep Sabuncu  Kaygusuz Abdal's Mesnevi-i Baba Kaygusuz : critical edition and textual analysis  M.A.
 Veysel Öztürk  Halim Kara  The romantic roots of Turkish poetry : romantic subjectivity in Abdülhak Hamid Tarhan's poetry Ph.D
 Betül Sinan Nizam  Günay Kut  Kemal Ahmed Dede''s verse narrative Tercüme-i Menakıb-ı Mevlana (a verse version in The Menâkıbü'l-Ârifîn tradition)  Ph.D
 F. Betül Telli  Zehra Toksa  Divan by Hasan Rıza M.A.
 Ayfer Ünal  Nur Gürani Arslan   The representation of the disabled in Turkish children's literature (1969-2009) M.A.

Western Languages and Literatures

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ayşe Balaman (Critical and Cultural Studies)    Stephen Voss, Işıl Baş   Animated critical theory: Nasrettin Hoca anecdotes as an animation of theories of Marx, Foucault and Simmel 
 Nina Cemiloğlu (English Literature)  Cevza Sevgen  Tracing Bloch's "anticipatory illumination" in Bacon's New Atlantis and Cavendish's The Blazing World Ph.D
 Melis Günekan (English Literature)  Cevza Sevgen  Metamorphosing selves and narrations in The Interrogation and The Magus M.A.
 Hande Yalınateş Bilgen (English Literature)  Işıl Baş  A voice for Eurydice: approaching the Orpheus myth from a feminist perpective  M.A.
 Yasemin Yılmaz (English Literature)  Özlem Öğüt  Return to exile : nation and identity in The Mimic Men, Surfacing and Ignorance M.A.

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ekrem Akkaya   Ayşe Mumcu    Erasmus student exchange programme: a placement problem
 Nazlı Aktakke  Burçay Erus  Labor force participation of women in Turkey: a microeconometric analysis M.A.
 Pınar Ertör Akyazı   Begüm Özkaynak   The Analysis of citizens' preferences for energy investment alternatives in Turkey:Nuclear versus renewable energy  M.A.
 Alper Alkan  Levent Yıldıran  Essays on switching costs in the Turkish credit card market M.A.
 Şebnem İleri  Levent Yıldıran  Demand, competition and welfare analysis in the Turkish banking sector M.A.
 Hale Koç  Burak Saltoğlu  Real interest rates and fractional integration : the case of emerging markets M.A.
 Ozan Ekin Kurt  Kamil Kıvanç Karaman   Endogeneity of economic perceptions in Turkish electorate's voting behaviour M.A.
 Gizem Melis Muhtar   Şemsa Özar  Feminization of employment in the Turkish banking sector: A critical analysis M.A.
 İrfan Özdabak  Şemsa Özar  From gecekondu to apartmankondu: economic transformation of the squatter settlers of Rumeli Hisarüstü from 1960 onward  M.A.
 Çağrı Savcı  E. Ünal Zenginobuz  Tax policy and informal economy within the context of productive government expenditures M.A.
 Mehmet Emre Tokgöz   E. Ünal Zenginobuz  Assessing tax evasion within an endogenous growth model with productive public expenditure M.A.
 Ahmet Mithat Tunçez   Güzin Gülsün Akın  Essays on consumer behavior in the Turkish credit card market M.A.
 Osman Onur Uyar  Ozan Hatipoğlu  Do Bubbles Spill Over? M.A.
 Taylan Eren Yenilmez  Burak Saltoğlu  A Network analysis of Turkish financial crisis of 2000 M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Pınar Büyükbalcı   Güven Alpay, Muzaffer Bodur   Analyzing activities of multinational enterprises through foreign direct investment patterns : a value chain based perspective 
 M. K. Tahir Demircioğlu   Vedat Akgiray  A financial early warning system for financial intermediary institutions by Neural networks Ph.D
 Tutku Eker İçcioğlu  Eser Borak  The impact of company trustworthiness on the success of cause-related marketing programs Ph.D
 Deniz Kantur  Arzu İşeri Say  Understanding firm-level entrepreneurship: a study of exploring the construct and its relationsip with contextual factors Ph.D
 Aysa İpek Küçükosmanoğlu   Attila Odabaşı  Financial performance and productivity : dose foreign ownership matter? Ph.D
 Ceyda Maden  Hayat Kabasakal  Person-environment fit, social exchange relationships, and employee outcomes in organizations Ph.D
 Muhammet Cumhur Selek  Ulaş Akküçük  An exploratory study of beer consumersʹ preferences and consumption characteristics M.A.
 Esra (Sönmezler) Arıkan  Muzaffer Bodur  Drivers of brand extension success and the role of brand relationship quality Ph.D
 Özgür Ahmet Tarakçı  Mine Uğurlu  Firm and industry level factors that affect the growth of SMEs : evidence from Turkey Ph.D
 Emine Eser Telci  Muzaffer Bodur  Mall shopping behavior : an examination of differences in utilitarian versus hedonic shoppers' mall shopping experiences Ph.D
 Kaan Varnalı  Cengiz Yılmaz, Ayşegül Toker   Exploring drivers of success in push-type mobile marketing  Ph.D

Political Science and International Relations

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Suavi Selim Akan   Zeynep Çağlayan Gambetti   The human rights perspectives of two human rights organizations: Mazlum-Der and İHD
 Oğuz Alyanak  Zeynep Çağlayan Gambetti  The constitutive role of loss in understanding Kemalism and Islamism in contemporary Turkey: A comparative look at Republic Protests and Palestine Demonstrations  M.A.
 Talat Balca Arda  Hakan Yılmaz  Politics and arts: The transformation of the Kurdish oppositional music in Turkey Ph.D
 Mustafa Görkem Doğan   Ayşen Candaş  Labor resistance against neoliberal challenges to the traditional trade unionism in Turkey: 1986-1991 M.A.
 Emre Çetin Gürer  Zeynep Çağlayan Gambetti  Ethics of the political realm in Hannah Arendt's thought  M.A.
 Erdem Kaya  Gün Kut  The Resistance of states system against nonstate violence: International cooperation to preserve state monopoly of force M.A.
 Sibel Ekdemir Kaya  Selcan Kaynak  Gated communities in İstanbul  M.A.
 İrem Kök  Zühre Aksoy  Environment is our mother, mining is our father: contesting gold mining in Turkey M.A.
 Azar Musayev  Zühre Aksoy  The National security policy of the Russian Federation: A case for broader security perspective M.A.

The Faculty of Education

Educational Sciences

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Hüseyin Ala   Fatma Gök   A Case study on the current state of in-service training in a public school based on teachers' and administrators' evaluation  M.A.
 T. Eylül Altunay   Fatma Nevra Seggie   Profile of students and the reasons why they prefer private universities in Turkey 
 Dilan Bayındır  Fatma Nevra Seggie   Reasons for student field trips to botanic gardens: A case from Turkey  M.A.
 Nevin Kahriman  Özlem Ünlühisarcıklı   Adult educators' views on their occupation and professionalization of adult education M.A.
 Okan Kumbaracı   Zeynep Kızıltepe  Credit card literacy among university students M.A.
 Sevla Serbest  Fatoş Erkman  The influence of university students' perceived paternal and maternal acceptance, father involvement and depressive symptoms on their resiliency  M.A.
 Erdal Yanardöner   Zeynep Kızıltepe  The Relationship between learning styles and personality traits of students from Boğaziçi University Faculty of Education M.A.
 Fatma Kantaş Yılmaz  Zeynep Kızıltepe  Comparison of factors affecting the level of job satisfaction of certificated and non-certificated nurses M.A.

Foreign Language Education

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Hatice Bilgin   Senem Yıldız   The effects of a learning management system on the achievement of university EFL students 
 Akif Çal  Sibel Tatar  An exploratory study of two EFL teacher's perceptions and application of curriculum principles  M.A.
 Filiz Çele  Ayşe Gürel  Processing wh-dependencies in L2 English : the role of L1 and working memory capacity M.A.
 Mehmet Şerif Derince   Ayşe Gürel  The role of first language (Kurdish) development in acquisition of a second language (Turkish) and a third language (English)  M.A.
 Burcu Varol  Sumru Akcan  EFL teachers' beliefs and practices on reading strategies and strategy instruction in university level reading classes M.A.
 Sinem Yılmaz  Sumru Akcan  Exploring learner autonomy through The European Language Portfolio (ELP) in Turkish context M.A.

The School of Applied Disciplines

International Trade 

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Aycan Aytekin   Arzu Tektaş   International supplier selection and order allocation decision: a comparison of a Turkish and an Australian company 
 Duygu Ceylan  Emine Nur Günay   Economy-wide energy efficiency assesment: a cross-Country Comparison Study in Europe M.A.
 Halit Fedai  Emine Nur Günay  The Effects of climate change on agricultural trade capability of Turkey and her major rivals in european food market  M.A.
 Hasan Ali Göncü   Emine Nur Özkan Günay   Integrating Turkey’s renewable energy with global carbon market  M.A.
 Doğan Levent  Elif Alakavuk  The competitive identity of Istanbul: a city brand management model  M.A.
 Özge Öz  Nisan Selekler Gökşen  Impact of general manager characteristics on the export performance of manufacturing companies in Turkey M.A.
 İsmail Yıldırım  Gözde Erhan Ünal  The impacts of R&D expenditures on the manufacturing sectors export performance in Turkey and comparative emering markets  M.A.

Management Information Systems

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Derya Acar   Meltem Özturan   Framework for evaluation of purchasing process in ERP systems in terms of internal control risks
 Berna Akın  Hande Kımıloğlu   Usage of current mobile marketing services and evaluation of potential future applications M.A.
 İnci Aksoy  Bertan Badur, Sona Mardikyan   Finding hidden patterns of hospital infections on the newborn in Turkey: A data mining approach M.A.
 Sedat Çankaya   Birgül Kutlu  An unsupervised semantic similarity based method for word sense disambiguation M.A.
 Sinan Çayır  A. Nuri Başoğlu  Development of a task information fit model: A study of relationship between task, information and individual performance  M.A.
 Ömer Faruk Çevik   Birgül Kutlu  Prediction of IMKB sector indices by using artificial neural networks M.A.
 Volkan Coşgun  Özgür Döğerlioğlu  Critical success factors affecting e-commerce activities of small and medium enterprises in Turkey M.A.
 Neslihan Doğan  Zuhal Tanrıkulu  Analysis and applications of data mining algorithms M.A.
 Emre Dursunluer  Ali Tükel  Private pension decision support system M.A.
 Ebru Polat  A. Nuri Başoğlu  Exploration of mobile service adoption: Special focus on adaptivity  M.A.
 Onur Eren Sürgit  Aslı Sencer Erdem  A web-based group decision support system for supplier evaluation and selection M.A.
 Gülşah Yılmaz  Bertan Badur, Sona Mardikyan  Development of a constraint based sequential pattern mining tool M.A.
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