MA and PhD Theses Completed

Theses in Humanities and Social Sciences - 2008

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Elmas Zeynep (Aksoy) Arslan  Yavuz Selim Karakışla   Circassian organizations in the Ottoman Empire (1908-1923)  M.A.
 M. Kazım Baycar  Yücel Terzibaşoğlu  Ottoman emigration to Argentina 1870-1914 M.A.
 Emine Rezzan Karaman  Selim Deringil  Femininity within the context of Kurdish nationalist discourse in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries  M.A.
 Halil Ege Özen  Meltem Toksöz  The German involvement in Ottoman economic development: banking, railways and other investments, 1888-1914  M.A.
 İpek Tabur  Nevra Necipoğlu  The representation of the medical doctor in the non-medical sources of the palaiologan period M.A.
 Behice Tezçakar  Edhem Eldem  Erzurum- pulk oil concessions: discovery of oil in the minds and the lands of the Ottoman Empire M.A.
 Benjamin Oliver Sunny Trigona-Harany   Vangelis Kechriotis  İntibâh or Hâb-ı Gaflet: Âşûr Yûsuf, Naûm Fâik and the Ottoman Süryânî M.A.
 Yasemin Umur  Çiğdem Kafescioğlu  Reconstructing Yenice-i Vardar: patronage of the Evrenosoğlu family M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Halil İbrahim İskender   Aslı Göksel   Vowel-zero alternation in Turkish  M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Cihat Arınç    Yıldız Silier    Against historicism and aestheticism: Walter Benjamin's critical philosophy of film 
 Fatoş Bektaş   Stephen Voss   Kant’s mind and its matter  M.A.
 Ertürk Demirel   Murat Baç  A humean reading of Nietzsche: problem of "Is vs. Ought"  M.A.
 İlksen Necati İçen   Stephen H. Voss   Against causal efficacy of dispositions  M.A.
 Onur Küçükarslan   Yıldız Silier  Aestheticism and the romantic absolute: new mythology of early German romanticism  M.A.
 İmge Oranlı  Chryssi Sidiropoulou   The question of evil in Plato M.A.
 Tuğba Sevinç  Gürol Irzık, Ayşen Candaş Bilgen   Liberty as non-domination: a critical discussion M.A.
 Fiona Gail Tomkinson   Önay Sözer, Stephen Voss  From Ricoeur's theory of metaphoric reference towards a phenomenological ontology of metaphor  Ph.D
 Alper Türken  Murat Baç, Önay Sözer  Empiricism, relativity and the spec-ulative an inquiry for elements of a new philosophical perspective  Ph.D


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Petek Akman    Falih Köksal    Effects of motives, volunteer role identity and sense of community on sustained volunteering 
 Billur Avlar  Reşit Canbeyli   Anatomy of antidepressant effect of light: the role of the BNST lesions M.A.
 Bengi Baran  Ali İ. Tekcan  Feeling of knowing, verb processing and executive functions in non-demented Parkinson's disease patients  M.A.
 Fatma Nur Bayram   Falih Köksal  Gender roles, ethics of care and social dominance orientation: a feminine view on hierarchy M.A.
 Ayşegül Parmaksızoğlu Cebenoyan   İ. Ercan Alp  The roles of parenting practices and school attitudes in academic competence of Turkish high school students  M.A.
 Dilek Çelik  Serra Müderrisoğlu   Perceived antecedents and ariminal thinking patterns in adolescent criminal offenses M.A.
 Nurçin Eğerçioğlu  Feyza Çorapçı  Factors underlying peer acceptance: gender, age and social skills  M.A.
 Ahu Erdoğan  Ali İ. Tekcan  Characteristics of self-consistent and self-discrepant autobiographical memories M.A.
 Onur İyilikçi  Reşit Canbeyli  Differential effects of photic stimulation of different wavelengths on behavioral despair in male and female wistar rats  M.A.
 Ayşe Çağlar Taş  Ayşecan Boduroğlu   Eye movement patterns for own- and other- race faces M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Neşe Ceren Arseven   Meltem Ahıska   Writing "the other": a comparative analysis of the narrative representations of Kurdishness in late and early republican novels 
 Sonay Aykan  Biray Kırlı Kolluoğlu   The Golden Horn: the transformation of space and the silhouettes of modernitiy  M.A.
 Emrah Irzık  Çağlar Keyder  Imagining a global community through political opposition: the alternative globalizationist left in Turkey M.A.
 Selin Ayşe Kaner  Biray Kolluoğlu  The Reverberating space of Izmir: Levantines’ interpenetrating homes M.A.
 Oya Karasalihoğlu  Biray Kırlı  Disabled lives and inaccessible socio-spatialities: the case of Saraçlar Street in Edirne M.A.
 Fırat Kurt  Nükhet Sirman  Making of community in the margin: the case of Okmeydanı  M.A.
 Kristen Sarah Biehl Öztuzcu   Nazan Üstündağ  Governing through uncertainty: 'refugeenes' in Turkey M.A.

Translation and Interpreting Studies 

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Nil Alt   Şebnem Bahadır   A Gender-based study of Nihal Yeğinobalı's pseudo-translation Genç Kızlar 
 Era Birkan Baydan   Şebnem Bahadır   Visibility of translation through conflicting ideologies: the "Islamic" retranslations of "100 essential readings"   M.A.

Turkish Language and Literature

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Çiğdem Kurt    Halim Kara    Reshaping literature: the literary criticism of Ahmed Şuayb 

Western Languages and Literatures

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Zeynep Talay (Critical and Cultural Studies)    Işıl Baş    Nietzsche and the self: the 'dissolution of the subject in The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil and disconnected by Oğuz Atay 
 Aylin Alkaç (English Literature)  Işıl Baş  Narratives of erotic desire and discourses on desire: from discord to concord Ph.D
 Fahrünnisa Meltem Gürle (English Literature)   Suna Ertuğrul   Oğuz Atay's dialogue with the Western canon in The Disconnected Ph.D
 Vanina Berin Kutelas (English Literature)  Suna Ertuğrul  The limit-experience: following blanchot towards the other in speech and in Literature  M.A.
 Ayşem Seval (English Literature)  Aslı Tekinay  "A thing one knows not how to name:" the female grotesque in early modern English drama Ph.D

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Duygu Avcı    Begüm Özkaynak    Political economy of the environment in Turkey: gold mining conflict in Ida Mountain 
 Esra Dereli  Ünal Zenginobuz  Optimal amount of resource extraction under duopoly M.A.
 Gazi İshak Kara   Levent Yıldıran  Essays on the competition and regulations in the Turkish credit card market M.A.
 Gürcan Soydan  Burçay Erus  A look at indirect tax system in Turkey based on demand system estimation M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ayla Altınkurt   Güven Alpay   Evaluating the dynamics of strategic alliances in Turkey: the impact of firm- and relationship-specific factors on alliance performance 
 Cenk Laçin Arıkan   Güven Alpay  Evaluating the dynamics of innovation in Turkey: the impact of innovation on business performance Ph.D
 Ülfet Zeynep Ata  Ayşegül Toker   The effect of customer relationship management adoption on organizational performance in business-to-business setting Ph.D
 Elif Çiçekli  Hayat Kabasakal   Opportunity at work: antecedents and consequences Ph.D
 İsmail Hakkı Eraslan   Güven Alpay  The effects of competitive strategies on firm performance: a study in Turkish textile and apparel industry considering the mediating role of value chain activities  Ph.D
 Mısra Çağla Gül  Cengiz Yılmaz  Cultural orientations, environmental dimensions and firm performance: an integrated framework and empirical investigation Ph.D
 Refik Cem Taluğ  Güven Alpay  M&As and performance: a multi-method study on dynamics of success in post integration stage Ph.D
 Onur Uman  Vedat Akgiray  Factors affecting the Turkish accounting practices during the Republcian era Ph.D

Political Science and International Relations

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Seçil Aslan   Murat Akan   The ambivalence of Alevi politic(s): a comparative analysis of Cem Vakfı and Pir Sultan Abdal Kültür Derneği 
 Alina Belinda Neitzert   Murat Akan  German call centers in Istanbul: Beyond the global and the local M.A.
 Begüm Uzun  Yeşim Arat  Gypsies, the Roma and justice claims: the case of Lüleburgaz M.A.

The Faculty of Education

Educational Sciences

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Pelin Bella Abolafya   Nalan Babür   Rapid automatized naming in relation to some other reading components and reading skills of second graders  M.A.
 Ayşe Arslanoğlu  Hande Sart  The relationship between the social skills and perceived quality of life of boys with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder-predominantly hyperactive-impulsive subtype (ADHD-H)  M.A.
 Güneş Gülsün Ayyıldız   Özlem Ünlühısarcıklı   Perceptions of inmates of prison education programs M.A.
 Berna Balta  Ayşe Caner  Volunteer motivation: a atudy on AÇEV’s functional adult literacy program volunteers M.A.
 Melisa Çakmak  Rıfat Okçabol  Teaching moralities of the modern nation through TV serials: the narrative analysis of Sıla M.A.
 Ayşen Yıldırım Ekmekci   Fatoş Erkman  Congruence of parent and child perceptions of parental acceptance-rejection M.A.
 Gamze Gazioğlu  Fatma Gök  The effects of peace and conflict resolution education on emotional intelligence, self-concept and conflict resolution skills M.A.
 Zeynep Göç  Fatoş Erkman  Predictive role of perfectionism on academic achievement life satisfaction  M.A.
 Gökçe Güvercin  Fatma Gök  The analysis of entrepreneurship promotion process through formal education in European Union's official documents M.A.
 Zahid Kısa  Emine Erktin  A model to explain teachers’ stress during the implementation of the new mathematics curriculum M.A.
 Akşın Ceylan Köktürk  Deniz Albayrak-Kaymak   Experiences and needs of mothers of children with autistic disorder M.A.
 Işık Sabırlı Özışıklı  Özlem Ünlühisarcıklı  A study of parent involvement in the Bogaziçi University preschool center M.A.
 Kenan Şahan  Havva Ayşe Caner  The role of perceived teacher acceptance-rejection on students' self concept, school attitude and academic achievement  M.A.
 Onur Seçkin  Rıfat Okçabol  Learning in the Kaz Mountains Environmental Social Movement M.A.
 Soner Şimşek  Rıfat Okçabol  Vitalizing knowledge economy: the conceptualization of lifelong learning in Turkey after the beginning of the process of the European Union membership M.A.
 Ziya Toprak  Rıfat Okçabol  Modern self and social imaginary: civil society organizations as the agents of fashioning modern mothers M.A.
 Pınar Yavuz  Deniz Albayrak- Kaymak   Values of counseling students: a preliminary examination M.A.
 Özlem Yazlık  Fatma Gök  The effect of people education center's literacy courses on women's lives M.A.

Foreign Language Education

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Feride Özdemir   Belma Haznedar   The development of reading in early bilingualism: evidence from Turkish-child L2 learners of English  M.A

The School of Applied Disciplines

International Trade 

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Yusuf Çukurçayır   Emine Nur Günay   The impact of foreign direct investment spillovers and international trade on innovation capability in Turkey and comparative emerging markets  M.A.

Management Information Systems

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Birgül Arslan   Meltem Özturan   Strategic value analysis of information technology investments
 Özgür Barut  Özgür Döğerlioğlu   Human resources information systems: a sociotechnical perspective M.A.
 Barış Büyüktanır   Birgül Kutlu  Web 2.0 and SOA based application development M.A.
 Ahmet Daylan  Bertan Badur, Osman Darcan   Experimental study for extending data mining standards M.A.
 Emir Göçen  Aslı Erdem  A decision support system for supplier evaluation and order allocation M.A.
 Ajlan Nihat Gün  Bertan Badur  Assortment planning using data mining algorithms M.A.
 İbrahim Halil Kanalıcı   Aslı Sencer Erdem  Integration of a simulation platform into a business process management tool  M.A.
 Burcu Kör  Zuhal Tanrıkulu  Evaluation and efficiency of e-learning systems M.A.
 Tuna Özçer  Zuhal Tanrıkulu  Examination of information systems development processes and industrial adaptations M.A.
 Doğaç Şenol  Meltem Özturan  Prediction of stock price direction by artificial neural network approach M.A.
 Bahar Tekin  Ali Tükel  Developing an information system for credit risk rating using analytical hierarchy process (AHP)  M.A.
 Hakan Uyanık  Aslıhan Nasır  Consumer attitudes toward and experiences with airline companies M.A.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Cognitive Science

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ahmed Emin Orhan   Ethem Alpaydın   Unsupervised learning of high-level invariant visual representations through temporal coherence  M.A.
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