MA and PhD Theses Completed

Theses in Humanities and Social Sciences - 2006

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Tuna Artun  Nevra  Necipoğlu  The regestes of the medieval acts of the Vazelon Monastery: the codex E of the Timios Prodromos on mount Vazelon as a source for the social, economic and institutional history od rural Matzouka from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century M.A.
 Ayşe Bozkurt  Meltem  Toksöz   The issue of education in Late Ottoman women's periodicals (1869-1895) Ph.D
 Ebubekir Ceylan   Selim Deringil   Ottoman centralization and modernization in the province of Baghdad, 1831-1872 M.A.
 Fatma Betül  Cihan   Edhem Eldem   The image of western women in Ahmed Midhat's discourse on westernization M.A.
 Ebru Soytemel  Salgut   Yavuz Selim  Karakışla   Labour and occupation during the early republican era: Meslek magazine 1924-1925 M.A.
 Yaşar Ozan Say   Vangelis  Kechriotis   The Balkan Muhacirs of Akköy: memory and identity in a western Anatolian village M.A.
 Ebru Sönmez  Derin Terzioğlu  An Acem statesman in the Ottoman court: İdris-i Bidlîsî and the making of the Ottoman policy on Iran M.A.
 Konstantinos  Thanasakis   Derin Terzioğlu  The Ottoman geographer Osman B. Abdülmennan and his vision of the world in Tecrüme-i Kitab-ı Coğrafya (ca. 1749-1750) M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ercan Balcı   Ann Denwood   A government phonology analysis of Turkish consonants
 M.Cem Çakır   Aslı Göksel  On stress, types of extrametricality and the phonological structure of the extrametrical syllable in turkish simplex words  M.A.
 Emrah Görgülü   A. Sumru Özsoy   Variable wh-words in Turkish M.A.
 Zekiye Ceyda Arslan Kechriotis   A. Sumru Özsoy  Case as an uninterpretable feature Ph.D
 B. Dilara Koçbaş  Didar Akar  Expository writing in Turkish: a rhetorical approach to coherence and cohesion  M.A.
 İlknur Oded  Balkız Öztürk  Control in Turkish M.A.
 Fatma Aslı Üntak Tarhan  Meltem Kelepir   Topics in syntax-phonology interface in Turkish: sentential stress and phases M.A.
 Süleyman Ulutaş  A. Sumru Özsoy  Verb movement and feature percolation: evidence from Turkish M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Vildan Atalay   Stephen Voss   The genealogy of Nietzsche an attack on the traditional ways of thinking
 Fulya Özlem Daşhan   Murat Baç  Liberal culturalism and the individual: an alternative account of cultural identities M.A.
 Memduh Er  Sun Demirli  The theory of time as relations  M.A.
 Itır Erhart  Stephen Voss  What am I? A non-psychological answer to a fundamental question Ph.D
 Cavit Hacıhamdioğlu   Gürol Irzık  Popper and Hayek on the principle of unintended consequences M.A.
 Cem Şişkolar  Stephen Voss   Inferentialism and indeterminacy at home M.A.
 Uluğ R. Sungur  Gürol Irzık  Carnap's conventionalism M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 S. Arzu Akkum Batmaz   Falih Köksal    Different learning environments for preschool children in Turkish private and public preschools: mind versus virtue 
 Dilek Büyükselçuk  Bilge Ataca  Self-efficacy in relation to self-construals and causal attributions M.A.
 Sibel Halfon  Güler Fişek  Attachment in a cultural framework  M.A.
 İdil Ayça Karaca  Ali Tekcan  Source monitoring in autobiographical recall: a complementary approach to reminiscence bump accounts M.A.
 Elif Tunç Özcan  Reşit Canbeyli   The Effects of short light pulse at ZT21 on behavioral despair in old and young male wistar rats M.A.
 Pınar Pezük  Reşit Canbeyli  Effect of BNST lesions on behavioral despair and navigational learning in female wistar rats M.A.
 Nihan Sefer  Güler Fişek  Paternal representations in late adolescence M.A.
 Ayça Orer Tokuzlu  Ali Tekcan  Beliefs of legal professionals about eyewitness testimony and identification M.A.
 Deniz Yılmaz  Nuran Hortaçsu   Blame attribution and information processing  M.A.
 İlknur Yılmaz  Falih Köksal  The Determinants of depression and anxiety in Turkish infertility patients: social support, sex role orientation, infertility causality, and selesteem  M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Hilal Alkan   Nüket Sirman   Intimate governing: public space, community and women in Keçiören 
 Sündüz Şule Bakırcan   Meltem Ahıska   Becoming individuals or the endless discovery: the reconstruction of feminine subjectivities through depression narratives in Turkey  M.A.
 Yalın Emek Çelik  Biray Kolluoğlu Kırlı   Towards a national imagination: the script reform of 1928 in Turkey M.A.
 Berna Ekal  Nüket Sirman  Through differences commonalities: women's experiences of being Alevi  M.A.
 Murat Es  Ayfer Bartu Candan  Alevist politics of place and the construction of cemevis in Turkey M.A.
 Rahime Arzu Ünal  Ferhunde Özbay  Transformations in transit: reconstitution of gender identity among Moldovan domestic workers in Istanbul households M.A.
 Erdem Yörük  Çağlar Keyder  Social relations of production within the workshop system in Istanbul's apparel industry M.A.
 Sezai Ozan Zeybek  Meltem Ahıska  Human enterprise of global capitalism and the golden collars: producing the producer M.A.

Translation and Interpreting Studies 

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Fatma Cihan Dansuk   İsmail Kaplan   (Un)Bridging the GAP: The case of translations from Yugoslav literature into Turkish (1962-2001)  M.A.

Turkish Language and Literature

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Canan Çamcı   Nüket Esen   Detective novels of Ahmet Mithat  M.A.
 Murat Umut İnan   Günay Kut  Edirneli Güfti Ali ve Şah u Derviş mesnevisi  M.A.
 Seher Özkök  Nüket Esen   A language and content oriented analysis concerning the stories of Sevim Burak M.A.

Western Languages and Literatures

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Nadir Öperli (Critical and Cultural Studies)    Meltem Ahıska, Işıl Baş    "The Entel" representations of a degenerated intellectual figure in cartoon strips 

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Ayça Bilir   Burçay Erus   The effect of the private sector on geographic distribution of public sector physicians in Turkey, 1990-2000 
 Burcu Ciğerli   Emre Alper  Fundamentals, credit ratings and global indicators: what determines Turkish sovereign spreads? M.A.
 Gözde Şener  Ayşe Buğra  Classification of welfare regimes using cluster analysis: where does Turkey stand? M.A.
 Didem Tüzemen   Fikret Adaman  Network effects in risk sharing and credit market access: evidence from Istanbul M.A.
 Burak Ünveren  E. Ünal Zenginobuz   On the existence of equilibrium in a two-class economy with production M.A.


 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Gurur Altun   Nesrin Okay   The causes and predictors of the 2001 Turkish crisis
 Çetin Ali Dönmez   Vedat Akgiray   Time series analysis of IMKB-30 equity market index returns and the effect of volume and volatility on returns  Ph.D
 Uğur Gökhan Özdinç   Muzaffer Bodur   The antecedents and consequences of relationship quality in financial services Ph.D
 Kadri Özgüneş  Metin Ercan  IPO performances of VC-backed & non-backed companies: a cross country comparison of Germany & the UK Ph.D
 Ali Tükel  Özer Ertuna  Foreign investors' role in a stock market boom and bust cycle: Turkey's experience in 1999-2001 Ph.D
 Gözde Erhan Ünal  Vedat Akgiray  Extreme value approach in analyzing stock returns in Istanbul Stock Exchange Ph.D

Political Science and International Relations

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 İsmet Akça   Taha Parla   Militarism, capitalism and the State: putting the military in its place in Turkey
 Hatice Selen Akçalı   Hakan Yılmaz   The emergence of a new type of NGO: think-firms. A study of the ARI and ESI (European Stability Initiative) movements in the context of Turkey's integration to the EU  M.A.
 Sude Bahar Beltan  Yeşim Arat  Citizenship and identity in Turkey: the case of the post-1980 Turkish-muslim immigrants from Macedonia  M.A.
 Sema Binay  Zeynep Gambetti   Coming to terms with the past: narrating the 12 September 1980 military coup M.A.
 Alper Bilgili  Murat Akan  The re-organization of the main islamic communities in Turkey, in the post 1980 coup era M.A.
 Fazilet Çavdar  Mine Eder  The role of the IMF in the Turkish financial crisis of 2000-2001: a comparison with the Mexican crisis of 1997 M.A.
 Demir Chavynchak  Gül Sosay  Vicious cycle in the Russo-Japanese territorial dispute M.A.
 Betül Demirkaya  Yeşim Arat  Civil society and democracy: the case of a migrant association M.A.
 Sinan Dinçer  Ayşen Bilgen Candaş   The revolution of 1908 and the working class in Turkey M.A.
 Yasemin İpek  Zeynep Gambetti  Volunteers or governors? Rethinking civil society in Turkey beyond the problematic of democratization: the case of TEGV M.A.
 Tülay Ayalp Kılıçdağı   Hakan Yılmaz  Small business associations in Turkey: relations with big business and the state since the 1980s M.A.
 Süheyla Nil Moustafa  Zeynep Ç. Gambetti  Re-articulation of the sign of Turkish National identity through the discursive performances of the Arab "other": the case of Arabs in Batman M.A.
 Ömer Murat  Koray Çalışkan  The role of the Egyptian military as an economic actor in business M.A.
 Esin Saraç  Mine Eder  Political economy of agricultural protectionism in the EU and US  M.A.
 Evren Yalaz  Yeşim Arat  The teachers of the republic: mediating between state and students M.A.

The Faculty of Education

Educational Sciences

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Yusuf Alpaydın   Fatma Gök   Contribution of municipalities to adult education: İSMEK case  M.A.
 Gökçe Bulgan  Aydan Gülerce   A psychological comparison of people's perceptions of their own families and their presumptions of the "typical" Turkish family  M.A.
 Duygun Göktürk   Fatma Gök  Analysis of the National Education Councils during the single-party era in Turkey  M.A.
 Ramazan Güngör   Özlem Ünlühisarcıklı   Adaptation of the education participation scale (EPS) for participants in level II literacy courses  M.A.
 Simge Kırcan  Fatoş Erkman  The Relationship between peer presure, internal versus external locus of control and adolescent substance use M.A.
 Deniz Ortaçtepe  Ayşe Akyel  The relationship between teacher efficacy and professional development within the scope of an in-service teacher education program  M.A.
 Seçil Özbeklik  Ayşe Caner  Women's marital quality and mothering quality: determinants and interrelations M.A.
 Özlem Pehlivaner   Aki Virtanen  Perceptions of Erasmus students about European identity M.A.
 Melisa Sayar  Hande Sart  A Longitudinal study of the relationship between perceived social support and psychological well-being of adolescents from low socioeconomic status  M.A.
 Semra Yıldırım  Fatoş Erkman  Validity, reliability, and partial norm study of the Turkish teacher's acceptance-rejection/control questionnaire child short form M.A.

Foreign Language Education

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Nur Eser Altun   Senem Yıldız   Effects of different types of tasks on junior ELT students’ use of communication strategies in computer-mediated communication
 Fatma Anğ  Gülcan Erçetin   Effectiveness of corpus consultation through concordancing on the formulaic academic language use of freshman ELT students M.A.
 Neslihan Aslan   Ayşe Akyel  The relative contributions to foreign language reading comprehension of the selected individual-difference variables M.A.
 Hüseyin Can  Yasemin Bayyurt   An analysis of freshman year university students' argumentative essays M.A.
 Vasfiye Geçkin  Belma Haznedar  The acquisition of morphosyntax in child L2 English evidence from Turkish learners M.A.
 Zeynep Banu Koçoğlu   Ayşe Akyel, Gülcan Erçetin   The role of portfolios in EFL student teachers' professional development: a case study Ph.D
 Derya Kulavuz  Sibel Tatar  Exploring burnout and participation in professional learning activities among university prep Turkish EFL instructors M.A.
 Ayşe Eser Başyurt Tüzel   Sumru Akcan  Raising the language awareness of pre-service language teachers during their practice teaching experience: a case study in an EFL setting  M.A.
 Devrim Yılmaz  Yasemin Bayyurt  Students' opinions of the role of 'culture' in learning English as a foreign language M.A.
 Gülsen Yılmaz  Ayşe Gürel  L2 acquisition of the English article system by Turkish learners M.A.

The School of Applied Disciplines

Management Information Systems

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Gülçin Buruncuk   Bertan Badur   Data mining for customer segmentation and profiling: a case study for a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company 
 Burak Gedikoğlu  Aslı Erdem  A decision support system for workforce management in call centers M.A.
 Zarife Gonca Gülser   Bertan Badur  A framework for integrating knowledge management and decision support systems by using knowledge discovery techniques: a case study forecasting financial time series  M.A.
 Onur Kerimoğlu  A. Nuri Başoğlu   Organizational adoption of enterprise resource planning systems  M.A.
 Ünsal Haakan Nikbay   Hande B. Kımıloğlu   Consumer behavior in electronic retailing and the critical success factors affecting consumer preferences and loyalty M.A.
 A. Ürün Sancar  Aslı Erdem  A simulation based decision support system for supply chain management M.A.
 Yaşar Özge Sağıroğlu   Meltem Özturan  Implementation difficulties of hospital information systems: a case study in a private hospital in Turkey M.A.
 Ecehan Sofuoğlu  A. Nuri Basoglu  Feature analysis of an information systems product development: the case of e-mail systems M.A.
 İlda Tanoğlu  A. Nuri Başoğlu  Information technology diffusion and managerial decision making M.A.
 Eray Uluhan  Bertan Badur  WEB mining issues: topic finding and focused crawling evaluation M.A.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Cognitive Science

 Author  Advisor(s)  Title M.A./Ph.D
 Robert Ian Bowers   Stephen Voss, Pınar Yolum   Fake sex: diploidy, dominance, coupling, attraction
 Hakan Ünlü  Reşit Canbeyli  A visual search task to evaluate top-down and bottom-up control of the pre-attentive stage and the ACT-R/PM vision module  M.A.
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