INAREK/SBB Ethics Sub-Committee

The INAREK/SBB Ethics Sub-Committee

The INAREK/SBB Ethics Sub-Committee carries out ethical review of research related to graduate theses and projects conducted within the Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences (the list of academic programs overseen by the Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences can be seen here).

  • The Thesis/Project Advisor decides whether a thesis/project requires an ethical review or not. If the Thesis/Project Advisor concludes that it requires an ethical review, students must obtain the ethical approval of the INAREK/SBB Ethics Sub-Committee.
  • It is the student's responsibility to apply for ethical review and follow the process in close consultation with the Thesis/Project Advisor.
  • In case participants in the study are from another Institution, obtaining ethical approval from that institution is under researcher's responsibility.

The INAREK/SBB Ethics Sub-Committee aims to protect:

  • the health and safety of researchers
  • the health, safety, welfare, dignity, human rights and privacy of research participants
  • the reputation of the Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences as a center for properly conducted and high quality research


Application Process

A submission for ethical approval requires a completed Application Form, Consent Form(s), and other additional documents (interviews, surveys, experiment setups, etc.) to be used in the research. Application Form and Consent Form(s) can be downloaded below:

Consent Form above contains examples regarding different cases. Applicants can modify these examples taking into account the instructions given in the relevant section of the Application Form.

These forms are updated and released on July 4, 2017. All submission after this date must comply with the updated versions of the forms, otherwise they will not be evaluated.

  • Completed forms and other documents must be submitted by e-mail to (Please make sure that Thesis/Project Advisor is added as CC in the e-mail). Signed hard copies of Application Form and Consent Form/s must be separately submitted to the Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences (SBE).
  •  The applications need to be submitted at least one week before the meeting dates.


Application Review

INAREK/SBB Ethics Sub-Committee conducts a review process that evaluates all potential risks and/or adverse effects of the thesis/project. Notifications regarding the outcome of applications will be sent to students by e-mail. The outcome will be one of the following:

  • Approval: No revision required
  • Conditional Approval: Minor revisions required
  • Revision: Resubmission of all forms and documents with revisions required
  • Rejected: Ethically unsound

Those whose applications are approved may collect their formal letters of approval from the Institute's Office (SBE). 


Dates of INAREK/SBB Ethics Sub-Committee Meetings - Fall 2018

SEPTEMBER: September 19

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